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Episode 1 / 2021. John Stokes discusses the Meyer Mortgage pre-approval process to help clients determine how much home they can afford.

Episode 2 / 2021. What is an Escrow Account? A separate account to pay taxes and insurance when they are due is advisable.

Episode 3 / 2021. Mortgage Points are prepaid interest or buying down the interest rate. The benefit includes getting a lower interest rate and is suggested if this is a home that the buyer plans on being in for a long time—not for the buyer who may sell in the short term.

Episode 4 / 2021. Refinancing. This episode discusses when someone should start thinking about refinancing their house. Looking to lower monthly payments or lessen the duration of the loan?

Episode 5 / 2021. Claiborne Potter explains the difference between a 15 and 30 year mortgage—payments are distributed differently among interest and principal.

Episode 6 / 2021. Some of the common reasons for loan rejections: credit score, credit history, collateral, too much debt. Meyer Mortgage can help clients with an individualized plan to raise their credit scores and lower debt.

Episode 7 / 2021. What to expect when it comes to closing costs which typically range between two to three percent of the loan value.

Episode 8 / 2021. Buying vs. Renting. Walking through the pros and cons of buying versus renting a home.

Episode 9 / 2021. Can You Buy a Home with Bad Credit? Meyer Mortgage can help counsel how to get some strength behind your credit score.

Episode 10 / 2021. Identifying the Differences Between Pre-qualification and Pre-approval. Speak with Meyer Mortgage about the advantages of being guided through the pre-approval process.

Episode 11 / 2021. Construction Loans Meyer Mortgage has a pre-approval process that allows for a construction loan and permanent financing with only one set of closing costs.

Episode 12 / 2021. Responsibilites of the Home Buyer During the Lending Process The borrower has responsibilities to provide documentation during the lending process to be able to close out the loan in a timely fashion.

Episode 13 / 2021. How far in advance should I speak with a specialist before purchasing a home? Consult Meyer Mortgage as soon as you are in the market for a new home.


The introductory video for the weekly series, Mortgage Minute, which presents interviews with the professionals at Meyer Mortgage who are committed to helping people finance the home of their dreams.

Episode 1. Jim Meyer discusses when it is a good time to buy a house and refinancing to get into a better financial position.

Episode 2. Claiborne Potter discusses counseling of first-time home buyers.

Episode 3. Loan officer, John Stokes, walks through the loan process. From day one Meyer Mortgage works toward the closing.

Episode 4. Jim Meyer explains the difference between lender’s and owner’s title insurance. He recommends owner’s title insurance as the best and safest form.

Episode 5. Claiborne Potter discusses strategies for managing student loan debt.

Episode 6. Catering to the Client’s Needs. John Stokes discusses the hurdles faced when applying for a loan, whether it be a first time or dream home applicant.

Episode 7. Home Equity Loans: The difference between how much you owe on your home and how much your home is worth determines how much money you may be able to get more return out of your investment or pull money out for another purpose.

Episode 8. Jim Meyer explains the difference between a banker and a broker. Meyer is Mortgage Corporation is a banker in that they are a direct lender, originate the loan, process the loan, underwrite the loan and self-fund the loan on closing. They take responsibility to underwrite the loan, close the loan and then continue to have responsibility after that loan closes.

Episode 9. Loan Officer John Stokes explains how credit scores are obtained and ways to improve a credit score.

Episode 10. Claiborne Potter explains debt to income ratio [DTI]. He advises staying away from anything over 43-45% to keep safe. Meyer Mortgage can help counsel clients on how to raise credit scores and manage debts, ultimately helping them through the home buying process.

Episode 11. Loan Officer John Stokes explains the difference between Private Mortgage Insurance [PMI] and Federal Housing Administration [FHA] Mortgage Insurance. Additionally, Meyer Mortgage can help determine which type of insurance is the best option for a client.